Information Technology Major

The ITM program is designed to prepare students to become leaders in the use of information systems for the benefit of organizations and society. This program of study focuses on educating students about the development and use of information systems as decision-making and problem-solving tools. The program also is intended to develop an understanding of the managerial issues encountered in the operation or introduction of information systems in organizations; particularly, how these tools can be used to gain a competitive edge and to re-engineer an organization.

Management Department Core Requirements:
MGT 30220 Management Communication 1.5 hrs
MGT 30490 Business Problem Solving 3.0 hrs
MGT 30660 Strategic IT Applications 1.5 hrs
MGT 40700 Project Management 1.5 hrs
MGT 40750 Quantitative Decision Modeling 1.5 hrs


Information Technology Management (ITM) - 12 credits

All courses require MGT 20600.

Course Name Course Number Prerequisites Restrictions/Notes
Application Development MGTI 30610
Business Intelligence MGTI 30620
System Analysis and Design MGTI 30630
Networking & Security MGTI 30640

In addition to the requirements listed above, business students must complete 26-29 credit hours in non-business and free elective courses: