Management Consulting Major

The Management Consulting program prepares students to manage people and processes within both large and small organizations or to consult with organizations on those management issues. A particular emphasis is placed on managing within organizations that face the challenges of rapid change and increased competition. The major is designed to provide sufficient flexibility for students to prepare for several career paths by preparing students to think systematically about the processes through which organizations achieve excellence.

Management Department Core Requirements:
MGT 30220 Management Communication 1.5 hrs
MGT 30490 Business Problem Solving 3.0 hrs
MGT 30660 Strategic IT Applications 1.5 hrs
MGT 40700 Project Management 1.5 hrs
MGT 40750 Quantitative Decision Modeling 1.5 hrs


Management Consulting (MGTC) - 12 credits

All courses require MGT 20200

Choose any 4 of the following:

Course Name Course Number Prerequisites Restrictions/Notes
Management Competencies MGTC 30300
Strategic Human Resource Management MGTC 30450 BAMG 20100
International Management MGTC 30460
Leadership and Motivation MGTC 40410
Innovation and Design MGTC 40420

In addition to the requirements listed above, business students must complete 29-32 credit hours in non-business and free elective courses: