University Requirements

A Notre Dame education starts with exploring a broad liberal arts curriculum in a variety of academic areas before choosing a particular major. Many of these will be University requirements as outlined below. Students will confirm/declare their decision to enter the Mendoza College of Business or one of the other colleges on campus in the second semester of the freshman year.

University Requirements for ALL Business Students

# of courses Course Listing Restrictions/Notes
1 Writing and Rhetoric WR 13XXX
1 University Seminar Course could fulfill a University requirement
1 History
2 THEO Foundations and a Development course (20XXX)
2 Math ACMS 10145 & Calculus
2 Natural Sciences
1 Social Science ANTH, PSY, SOC, POLS
1 Literature or Fine Art Fine Art = MUS, FTT, DESN, ARST, ARHI
2 PE or ROTC
1 Liberal Arts Course excluding ECON

Mendoza Requirements

All students in the Mendoza College of Business take a variety of business fundamentals courses. All courses are three credit hours unless otherwise indicated. Graduation from the University requires a minimum of 126 semester credit hours.

Freshman Year

Course Name Course Number Prerequisites Restrictions/Notes
Principles of Micro
ECON 10010, 10011,
20010, 20011

Sophomore Year

All courses restricted to College of Business students.

Course Name Course Number Prerequisites Restrictions/Notes
Accountancy I ACCT 20100
Accountancy II ACCT 20200 ACCT 20100
Statistical Inference in Business BAMG 20150 Calculus & Statistics
Business Law Contracts & Agency BALW 20150
Principles of Management MGT 20200
Principles of Marketing MARK 20100 Any 3-credit ECON course
Intro to Business Ethics BAET 20300 1 credit
IT Management Applications MGT 20600
Corporate Financial Management FIN 20150 ACCT 20100 Students must earn a grade of C or better in FIN 20150 to major in Finance

Junior Year

Course Name Course Number Prerequisites Restrictions/Notes
Strategic Management BAMG 30900 MARK 20100, MGT 20200, 
MGT 20600 and FIN 20150
1.5 credits
Introduction to Process Analytics BAMG 30700 BAMG 20100 or 20150 1.5 credits
Managerial Economics FIN 30210 ECON 10010/20010;
BAMG 20100 or 20150
Macroeconomic Analysis FIN 30220 ECON 10010/20010;
BAMG 20100 or 20150
Foresight in Business & Society BAMG 30310 FIN 20150, MARK 20100, MGT 20200, BAMG 20100 or 20150