Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive. If we have not addressed your question here, please call 574-631-6602 or email an academic advisor.

FAQs for Prospective Students

Once at Notre Dame, do I have to apply for admission to the Mendoza College of Business?

Beginning with students applying to be part of the graduating Class of 2018, students will apply for pre-approval to the Mendoza College of Business through the standard Admissions process.  Please see the Admissions website for specific information on that process..

How does the Mendoza College of Business compare to other business schools?

The undergraduate program at Mendoza was ranked #1 in a  nationwide survey conducted by Business Week Magazine in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014.

What majors does Mendoza offer?

Students can choose from five possible majors: Accountancy, Finance, Marketing, Management Consulting, and Information Technology Management.  Students in any of these majors may also choose to pursue a minor in Management Entrepreneurship.

How many business students are enrolled in the Mendoza College of Business? In each major?

Currently, we have nearly 2,000 students in the Mendoza College of Business. For the juniors and seniors who have declared majors, the breakdown is roughly as follows: Finance – 42%; Accountancy – 25%; Marketing – 16% and Management – 17%.

Is it possible to major in International Business?

There is not a major in International Business. However, students may pursue an International Business Certificate. Each of the four major departments currently has at least one course dealing with operations in an international setting (International Accounting, International Finance, International Management, International Marketing, etc.)

Is it possible to spend a semester overseas and still graduate in four years?

Notre Dame offers a number of sites around the world for undergraduate students to study. More information can be found at the Office of International Studies at www.nd.edu/~ois/. While business students go to a variety of countries, business courses are available in Fremantle, Australia; Dublin, Ireland; London, England; and Rome, Italy. However, the absence of business courses does not rule out a location. In almost all cases, students choosing an international experience can still complete their degree requirements in four years.

Does Mendoza provide support to students wishing to obtain summer internships?

The University of Notre Dame has centralized career and internship search operations in the University Career Center. The Career Center offers a wealth of resources to research, locate, interview and prepare for summer internship experiences.

How big are the classes?

Most of the business classes offered will have fewer than 40 students in any given section.

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