Academic Centers

Academic Centers

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The Notre Dame Centers for Ethics
The Mendoza College of Business supports three centers devoted to the study of ethics in a business setting: The Notre Dame Deloitte Center for Ethical Leadership, The Institute for Ethical Business Worldwide, and The Center for Ethics and Religious Values in Business. Their shared mission is to advocate ethical business conduct according to the Catholic faith traditions, in a comprehensive range of areas from individual integrity to global commerce. The centers foster thought-leadership among academic and corporate leaders through forums, conferences and events, as well as through research and publications.

Gigot Center for Entrepreneurial Studies

The center is dedicated to fostering the entrepreneurial spirit and recognizes the role of entrepreneurship in alleviating poverty and providing economic empowerment in a global community. Through a unique curriculum, business plan competitions and mentoring opportunities with Notre Dame alumni, students gain vital experience and the skills necessary to build successful businesses.

Fanning Center for Business Communication

The center helps Notre Dame students achieve their academic, intellectual and professional goals by providing instruction in writing, speaking, persuasion, conflict management and corporate communication. The Fanning Center has also earned an international reputation for producing management communication case studies and faculty publications. Notre Dame corporate communications case studies are used by more than 70 business schools around the world.

Center for Accounting Research and Education (CARE)

CARE encourages and supports domestic and international faculty by providing a venue to discuss and develop accounting research that affects the way both undergraduate and graduate students are trained and educated; affects the practice of accounting and the use of accounting information; and is relevant to those setting accounting standards. The Center hosts an annual international accounting research conference for scholars and practitioners.

The Center for the Study of Financial Regulation

The Center’s mission is to promote sound economic analysis of current and proposed financial regulation in order to strengthen leadership in the industry. It seeks to encourage greater interaction between practitioners, regulators and academics through conferences, newsletters and research.