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Custom Programs

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In Notre Dame Executive Education, we believe in “high trust, high quality, and high impact” relationships with our valued clients.  We pride ourselves in partnering with our clients to deconstruct the complexity that can cloud business decisions. Our approach is customized to your business and development needs, staying highly customer focused—before, during and after the program. We assess needs thoroughly, deliver programs effectively and measure results carefully through qualitative and quantitative evaluations. Your satisfaction and the satisfaction of your program participants are key measures we use to determine our success.

Our work has also been recognized by UNICON, a consortium of more than 80 business schools worldwide, which recently selected Notre Dame’s leadership development within a division of the U.S. Navy as one of six examples of the most innovative work in executive education worldwide.

We also have a long and successful record of providing custom programs at sites selected by clients and have done so in such diverse locations as Los Angeles, Richmond, Santiago (Chile) and London.