Stayer Center for Executive Education


executive education

Notre Dame Executive Education faculty meets the high standards of adult students and the clients we serve. From accountancy to ethics, finance, management and marketing, instruction is based on superior scholarship, ongoing research and longstanding relationships with blue-chip organizations. All faculty members are widely published and teach only in their respective areas of expertise.

Program Faculty

Notre Dame Executive Education has carefully assembled a team of extended program faculty members who add value to custom programs in niche developmental areas. Many of these relationships span years. Our extended faculty members share our Executive Education mission to positively influence individuals, organizations and the world. 

Extraordinary Accessibility

In the Mendoza College of Business, faculty members are always accessible to students, and for custom program clients and their participants, that accessibility is amplified. During the course of a custom program, whether on-campus or on-site, a faculty member's singular focus in on that individual program. They understand that the learning process continues beyond the classroom and make themselves readily available at a personal level.