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One of our favorite approaches to developing and delivering meaningful custom programs utilizes the integral leadership model because it provides a comprehensive framework necessary to address complexity inherent in business challenges. This four-quadrant model is illustrated below.

EXE_Simplified_Integral_Model_211x206 Most organizations focus on business systems and processes (located in the lower right quadrant) because this area represents measurable outcomes, contains visible systems and aligns with the analytical skills we develop in business. However, the other three quadrants represent important factors for creating solutions that provide sustained organizational change.

We are especially interested in the individual [participant’s] interior dimension (the upper left quadrant): a person’s value system, personal motivation, and inspiration. Lasting change and organizational success requires thoughtful attention to this dimension of leadership. The reason the majority of organizational change efforts fail is because the organization does not address more than one of the quadrants illustrated above. In contrast, our solutions incorporate learning and activities that consider all of the quadrants.