The Notre Dame Executive MBA



An investment in Executive Education is an investment in your organization. Alumni of Notre Dame’s Executive Education programs bring to the workplace the most advanced business knowledge, improved analytical skills and new techniques, and a dramatically enhanced leadership capacity that have been proven, again and again, to create exceptional and sustained economic value for their organizations. For decades our executive programs have been meeting the educational needs of major multinationals, mid-size corporations, small privately-held companies, non-profit entities and individual entrepreneurs. 

In every course in the Notre Dame Executive MBA program, we introduce our students to new dimensions of business while inviting them to look for immediate applications in their workplaces. Classroom discussions often cross functional lines and have ethical dimensions. We challenge our students to analyze business situations more deeply and to understand the opportunities and risks associated with their decisions. Students report rapid career advancement during and after the program—serving as evidence of program impact. 

We have a number of organizations that sustain an ongoing relationship with us because of this demonstrated contribution. Our students gain a broader understanding of every business discipline, sharper analytical skills, expanded market knowledge, a global vision and ultimately, a more strategic executive perspective. By funding a promising leader in your organization, you are investing in that individual, but also in your organization’s future. 

To discuss the Notre Dame Executive MBA program further, please contact  the Assistant Director at 574-631-5285.