Fanning Center for Business Communication


Eugene D. Fanning Award

To honor the work and life of Eugene D. Fanning, Notre Dame graduate and Visiting Instructor of Business Communication, members of the President's Advisory Council for the Mendoza College of Business established two scholarships in his name.

In doing so, members of the Council, which Gene Fanning chaired from 1988 to 1990, have underscored the importance of writing, speaking, listening, and interpersonal skills to the success of men and women in business. They have also honored Mr. Fanning's personal commitment to teaching.

The Lucy Blandford Pilkinton, Ph.D. Memorial Award in Management Communication

Lucy B. Pilkinton came to the classrooms of Notre Dame by way of the theatre, rhetoric and linguistics. In spite of her decidedly non-traditional preparation to teach graduate students of business, or perhaps because of it, Lucy won the admiration and respect of all whom she met. From 1991 until her sudden and untimely death in 1994, Lucy shared with her students a love of language, communication, and life. Without question, her courses in Management Communication and Interpersonal Communication were high on the lists of students in search of "alternative experiences" en route to an MBA. And her work with international students became the foundation for Notre Dame's highly-regarded program of preparing and nurturing foreign students who study business administration here.

To commemorate Lucy B. Pilkinton's life, labor, and love for both teaching and learning, the Mendoza College of Business has established a memorial award in her name. She died, quite literally, just as she lived--patiently listening to a student's observation in her classroom. This award, crafted in her name, is designed to honor not only Lucy, but those students whom she most admired and worked to assist.