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Irish Impact keynote speaker David Bornstein: Report solutions, not problems

October 7, 2013

Irish Impact Social Entrepreneurship Conference hosted NYT columnist and author David Bornstein as the keynote speaker for its annual event.
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Google eyes Waze as Facebook circles

May 24, 2013

Reuters quotes Management Professor Brian Proffitt about the possibility of Google or Facebook purchasing Waze.
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Yahoo's Tumblr purchase fraught with challenges

May 20, 2013

Management Professor Brian Proffitt is quoted in this USA Today article on Yahoo’s purchase of Tumblr.
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Online video games a vehicle for criminals

February 26, 2013

Management Professor Chad Harms is quoted in this Ames Tribune article about his research on the dangers of online video games.
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Admitted PED Using Athletes Struggling with Public Image

January 15, 2013

Management Professor James O’Rourke is quoted in this Fox 28 article about reputation and public image.
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Harnessing ‘virality’ the Holy Grail for MuggleNet founder Emerson Spartz

October 19, 2012

The creator of the No. 1 Harry Potter fansite, when he was 12, touts research to entrepreneurship students
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A Teaching Moment: Professors Evaluate Pepsi Refresh Project

October 8, 2012

Adjunct Marketing Professor Carol Philips is quoted about the launch of the Pepsi Refresh Project in this Ad Age article.
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Chicago Shamrock Series events to include four academic programs

September 24, 2012

Management Professor Ann Tenbrunsel, along with other Notre Dame faculty members, will participate in a panel discussion about working with print, broadcast and online media.
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Skittles joins food brands at center of tragedy

April 12, 2012

Marketing Professor Katherine Sredl is quoted in this Associated Press article about companies maintaining a low profile when their food brand is at the center of a tragedy.
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Why Encyclopedia Britannica mattered

March 15, 2012

This CNN article about Encyclopedia Britannica stopping production of their encyclopedias was written by Management professor Jim O’Rourke.
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