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Mendoza College Graduate Alumni Profile: ALAN JOLLY (EMBA ’03)

by Carol Elliott

July 17, 2013

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Alan Jolly travels a lot in his position as the senior vice president for Xerox. And over and over, he’s had that shared experience of so many alums. He’ll be in an airport somewhere in America, or dining out in Los Angeles, and across the way he spots it: “Notre Dame” on a T-shirt or hat or luggage.

Instant community, no matter where you encounter a fellow member of the Fighting Irish.

“One thing I really like about Notre Dame is that once you’re in the family, you’re in the family,” says Jolly, who is serving his second term on the Mendoza Graduate Alumni Board (MGAB), currently as the chairman. “It doesn’t matter if you earned a BBA, MBA, EMBA … Notre Dame is a very welcoming place. “We received tremendous benefits to be associated with Our Lady’s University.  And with it, I believe that we have a responsibility to give back and advance Notre Dame’s mission wherever we might be.” 

The MGAB is a group of dedicated Domers from all programs within the Business School and is committed to working with the College to strengthen the relationship between Mendoza and its alumni.

Jolly currently lives in Carmel, Ind., with his wife of 37 years, Michaela. They have 27-year-old twin daughters, Alana and Mary.

Growing up in Nasonville, R.I., Jolly dreamed of going to Notre Dame as an undergraduate, but ultimately choose Providence College in Providence, R.I. His career has led him to positions with IBM and EDS before he landed at Xerox in 2009. “But life has its bends and turns,” says Jolly, and one of those bends led him back to the possibility of becoming a student at Notre Dame. A customer who was currently enrolled in the Notre Dame Executive MBA program enthused to Jolly about the experience. Jolly investigated for himself, applied and shortly became a Domer.

Now as an alum, Jolly devotes himself to paying back to the place he considers the “most peaceful place on earth.” In addition to serving on the MGAB, he attends the City Tour events, helps with MBA jumpstart interviews, previously served as president of the Indianapolis ND Alumni Club, and a host of other volunteer opportunities.

His message to fellow alums is that it’s important to give back, and it doesn’t always take grand gestures to do that.

“Join your local club, help fund scholarships, sign up for myNotreDame, even attend ND golf outings. There are so many things you can do,” he says. “The real impact of our board is through exporting ND—to take the things about the University that we love and treasure—and make them available to other alums and future students in their own communities.

“Remember that feeling you had when you first walked on campus? We as alums need to think about how we take that feeling and the mission of Notre Dame back to our communities to make a difference.”