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Berges Lecture Series: Anthony Welters

Tony Welters Berges

Berges Lecture Series: Anthony Welters

Anthony Welters, Executive Vice President, United Health Group

October 25, 2012

Anthony Welters has demonstrated that focused vision, innovation and strong leadership can lead to success even in the complex and challenging field of health care.

Mr. Welters is Executive Vice President of UnitedHealth Group, which serves more than 70 million Americans through its health and well-being companies. In January 2011, Mr. Welters was appointed a Member of the Office of the CEO. Prior to this appointment, Mr. Welters held the position of President of UnitedHealth Group’s Public and Senior Markets Group, which includes the UnitedHealthcare Medicare and Retirement (formerly Ovations) and Community and State (formerly AmeriChoice) business units. UnitedHealthcare Medicare and Retirement is the largest company in the United States dedicated to meeting the health and well-being needs of people age 50 and older, providing chronic disease management services, health insurance, Medicare-managed care and related services, access to prescription and nonprescription medications, and other healthy living products. United Healthcare Community and State is the country’s leading providers of services to beneficiaries of government-sponsored health care programs, and was founded by Mr. Welters in 1989.