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Boardroom Insights 2010

Corporate leaders and senior executives choose current business issues to discuss during the fall series.


by Kirk Cordill, Managing Director, CEO - BMW Group Financial Services China

September 2, 2010

Kirk Cordill
Kirk Cordill is the Managing Director and CEO of BMW Group Financial Services China. China is currently the fourth largest market globally for the BMW Group and continues to produce remarkable growth.
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by Thomas J. McCusker, former Executive Vice President for Business Conduct and General Counsel, infoGROUP

September 3, 2010

Thomas J. McCusker
Thomas J. McCusker is the former Executive Vice President for Business Conduct and General Counsel at infoGROUP.  He was responsible for the legal affairs of the Company as well as compliance with new corporate governance controls.  He graduated Cum Laude from the University of Notre Dame School of Law in 1969.
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by Ryan D. Robinson, Chief Financial Officer, United States, Senior Vice President of Finance, and Treasurer

September 10, 2010

Ryan D. Robinson

Ryan D. Robinson is chief financial officer, United States, senior vice president of finance, and treasurer for Best Buy Co., Inc., a multinational retailer of technology and entertainment products and services. In this capacity, Robinson oversees the planning, performance management and development of Best Buy’s U.S. operations.

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by Daniel Jorndt, former Chief Executive Officer, Walgreen Co.

September 24, 2010

Daniel Jorndt
L. Daniel Jorndt retired in January, 2003, as Chairman of the Board of Walgreen Co., the drugstore chain headquartered in Deerfield, Illinois. He currently serves as consultant for the company.
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by John Rogers, Chairman, CEO & Chief Investment Officer, Ariel Fund & Ariel Appreciation Fund

October 1, 2010

John Rogers

 In 1983, John Rogers founded Ariel Investments to focus on undervalued small and medium-sized companies.

 He currently serves as Chairman, CEO & Chief Investment Officer, Ariel Fund & Ariel Appreciation Fund.

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by Christopher P. Johns, President, Pacific Gas and Electric Company

October 8, 2010

Christopher P. Johns
Christopher P. Johns is President of Pacific Gas and Electric company and a member of the utility's Board of Directors.  Before joining PG&E Corporation, Johns was a partner in KPMG Peat Marwick LLP.


by Gretchen R. Haggerty, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, U.S. Steel

November 12, 2010

Gretchen R. Haggerty

Gretchen R. Haggerty is the Executive Vice President and CFO of U.S. Steel.  Sh is a native of Pittsburgh, earned a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland and a law degree from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh.