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Boardroom Insights 2011

Corporate leaders and senior executives choose current business issues to discuss during the fall series.


by Daniel F. Akerson, Chair & Chief Executive Officer, General Motors

September 9, 2011

Daniel  F.  Akerson
Daniel F. Akerson is the Chairman & CEO of General Motors. Prior to joining General Motors, Akerson was a managing director of The Carlyle Group and the head of global buyout. He served on the firm's executive committee and was based in Washington, D.C. He joined the GM board of directors July 24, 2009.
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by Ryan McInerney, CEO Retail Services, JP Morgan Chase

September 16, 2011

Ryan McInerney
Ryan McInerney is the Chief Executive Officer, Retail Services at JP Morgan Chase.
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by Alice Martin, Vice Chairman and Chief People Officer, NIBCO Inc.

September 30, 2011

Alice Martin
Alice A. Martin is Vice Chairman and Chief People Officer of NIBCO INC., a worldwide manufacturer of flow control system solutions for the residential and commercial construction markets for over 100 years.
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by Terrence W. Cavanaugh, President & Chief Executive Officer, Erie Insurance Group

October 7, 2011

Terrence W. Cavanaugh
Terrence W. Cavanaugh, serves as president and chief executive officer of Erie Insurance Group, a regional property/casualty and life insurer based in Erie, Pa. Cavanaugh joined The ERIE in 2008 after a distinguished 33-year career with the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies.
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by Regina Meredith-Carpeni, Chief Operating Officer for Global and Capital Markets, BNY

October 28, 2011

Regina  Meredith-Carpeni
Regina Meredith-Carpeni is Chief Operating Officer for Global Markets and Capital Markets. She oversees a team of professionals that manage product and business strategy, e-Commerce and operations controls.
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by Thomas V. Ealy, President, Encompass Insurance

November 4, 2011

Thomas V. Ealy
Tom Ealy joined Allstate in 2011 to lead its independent agent channel as President of Encompass Insurance and head of the Allstate brand for independent agents.  He has 26 years of insurance experience as both a broker and underwriter in addition to stints as a management consultant and corporate financier.


by Honorable Sven Erik Holmes, Vice Chair, Legal and Compliance, KPMG LLP

November 11, 2011

Honorable Sven  Erik  Holmes
Sven Erik Holmes is the Executive Vice Chair, Legal and Compliance for KPMG LLP where he directs the office of general counsel, government affairs, security, communications, and the firm’s ethics and compliance programs.
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