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Dennis Boyle, Partner, IDEO

November 8, 2011

Dennis Boyle
Dennis Boyle is a partner and manages key client relationships for IDEO. These clients have included Apple, HP, Dell, Palm Computing, Handspring, and, most recently, Procter & Gamble. Dennis also has worked as a project leader and designer for many of IDEO’s early startup clients since and was present for the birth of such iconic products as the Palm V, TiVO’s remote control, the Handspring visor, eyemodule™, and the Treo mobile phone organizer. He has an interest in discovering ways of inspiring innovation and has helped to create the Tech Museum student design competition, The IDEO Tech Box, IDEO U, and recently, the Green Room collection of sustainable products and stories for IDEO. Dennis teaches occasionally in the Product Design division at Stanford and enjoys coaching his sons’ soccer teams.  

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