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Nenad Pacek, Founder and President of Global Success Advisors GmbH

March 3, 2011

Nenad Pacek

Nenad Pacek is founder and president of Global Success Advisors GmbH, which focuses on helping international companies outperform competition in global markets, with a special emphasis on emerging markets. He is the acclaimed author of “Emerging Markets: Lessons for Business Success and Outlook for Different Markets,” which is now in its second edition. Nenad is also co-founder of the respected CEEMEA Business Group corporate service that assists regional managers of multinational corporations operating in Central Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa region.

Global Success Advisors focuses on two major pillars of corporate international success. First, thorough understanding of past, present and future best practice in international business and second, deep understanding of economic environments and business outlooks of countries around the world.

Nenad currently works with over 180 companies including Du Pont, Microsoft,  Henkel, Nestle, SAP, Canon, Johnson and Johnson, Visa, Hewlett Packard, Western Union, Danone, Medtronic, Emerson, Honeywell Aerospace, Tetra Pak, SC Johnson, Monsanto, Cisco Systems, Dow Advanced Materials, Eli Lilly, Goodyear, KPMG, Allen and Overy, Mars, Unicredit, ACCA, SKF, OKI, Velux, Metro, American Express, Schindler, Fujitsu, Coca Cola Company and many others. He presented to CEOs of Du Pont, Tetra Pak, Honeywell Aerospace, Kellogg, Heineken, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, The Rezidor Hotel Group, Dow Corning, Visa, Adobe, Eaton, Firmenich, Worldhotels, SC Johnson and SKF.

Prior to founding Global Success Advisors GmbH and CEEMEA Business Group corporate service, Nenad was Vice President of economic intelligence and business advisory divisions of The Economist Group where he spent almost two decades working with some of the largest companies in the world advising them on best business practices, global economic and business issues as well as external environments around the world.

He is a sought-after and respected public speaker currently performing about 100 client presentations/speeches at global and regional level. In his career, Nenad has performed more than 900 presentations/speeches and a similar number of advisory sessions for his past and present clients at regional and global level.

In addition to his advisory work, Nenad brings to his audiences also personal managerial experience in emerging markets. At the Economist Group, he was director in charge of expanding several Economist Group businesses to Central Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa and the government-related business world-wide (including Asia Pacific and Latin America where he started business operations from scratch). He also chaired over 100 Economist Government Roundtables with Prime Ministers (and their key ministers) of Italy, Austria, Spain, Finland, Portugal, Chile, Nigeria, Turkey, Egypt, Greece, Bahrain, Iceland, and virtually all Central Eastern European markets from Czech Republic to Kazakhstan.

He is member of the Board of Governors of the Center for Creative Leadership (USA), the world’s leading leadership knowledge organization. Virgin Books selected him among the 40 leading opinion formers in economics and business today and asked him to contribute to the book The Future of Money (2010).

Nenad is an adjunct professor of International Economics and International Business at two private universities in Vienna. He studied international business, economics and finance in Vienna. He is a guest lecturer at many corporate universities.

When not working and travelling, he enjoys his family life near Vienna with his wife and daughter. He is a sports fanatic and loves to play basketball, tennis, golf, and enjoys skiing and swimming. He also loves to read books about economic history.

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