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Fred Dust, Partner, IDEO

April 20, 2012

Fred Dust
A Partner at IDEO, Fred Dust leads Systems at Scale, the group responsible for helping clients with large, systemic questions about infrastructure, from governmental shifts to behavioral change and beyond. During his tenure with us, he has taken Nike executives shopping, helped guide the realization of a future-focused education center at Stanford University, and worked with patients and staff to build innovative service models for the Mayo Clinic and Kaiser Permanente. He’s collaborated with the American Red Cross to redesign its donation experience and the Transportation Security Administration to evolve airport security. More recently, he’s worked with Gates Foundation, Rockefeller, Office of Social Security, United States Agency for International Development, U.S. Office of Personnel Management, and University of Phoenix.

Fred serves on the Board of Governors at Parsons The New School and on the Advisory Board of the Aspen Institute. He lectures widely on various topics from design methodology to future experience trends and the potential of business on social innovation. He has taught classes at California College of the Arts and at the School of Environmental Design at the University of California at Berkeley. Fred holds numerous guest professor positions, including the Bruce Goff lectureship at the University of Oklahoma.

Fred’s writing, published by various journals, also appears in several IDEO books: Extra Spatial (Chronicle Books, 2003), which discusses the design of spaces, and Eyes Open: New York and Eyes Open: London (Chronicle Books, 2008), which are city guides that view exceptional experiences through an urban lens.

Prior to joining IDEO, Fred was a project architect at Fernau & Hartman, where he worked on retail and corporate projects, including the Smith & Hawken headquarters and retail prototype and Oxygen Media. He also spent eight years working in the art world with major organizations (Hotwire Productions, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Galería de la Raza, and others) and independent artists, supervising the development of interactive art installations and assisting in the production of film video projects.

Fred holds a bachelor’s degree in art history from Reed College and a master’s in architecture from the School of Environmental Design at UC Berkeley.

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