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When a company writes its code of ethics, isn’t it wrong to plagiarize?

November 20, 2008

Notre Dame researchers grapple with the ethics behind ethics codes as they present their findings at the “Ethical Dimension in Business” conference.
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Between 50-75% of computer security incidents originate from within an organization

November 1, 2008

Management Assistant Professor John P. D'Arcy.
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ND expert: Attack ads can sway voters

October 29, 2008

Marketing Professor Joe Urbany finds that negative ads cause 14 percent of voters to change their minds.
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Risky debt contracts with fluctuating interest rates, payments that rise and fall...

October 1, 2008

Finance Professor Hayong Yun.
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Consumers still negative toward marketing efforts

August 29, 2008

Marketing Professors John Gaski and Mike Etzel.
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Marketing professor compiles research on childhood obesity and food marketing

June 26, 2008

Marketing Professor Elizabeth Moore.
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Firm location determines equity issuance

June 24, 2008

Finance professors Tim Loughran and Paul Schultz present compelling evidence that stocks of companies located in remote, rural areas have less liquidity than those of urban companies located in the 10 largest U.S. cities.
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Bridging the GAAP - accounting conference looks at cross-border issues

May 21, 2008

ND’s Center for Accounting Research and Education hosts a conference to examine the issue of shifting international financial standards.
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Do market analysts know best?

May 13, 2008

Finance Professor Rick Mendenhall.
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Young voters influenced by negative ads

February 14, 2008

Marketing Professor Joel Urbany and Assistant Marketing Professor Joan Phillips.
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