Nonprofit Executive Education

Leaders in Transition

leaders in transition landingTransition program for those exiting post-graduate volunteer experiences


Volunteers who have spent a year or more in community service often lack the job-seeking skills, financial planning skills, and sense of mission that are necessary in establishing a new career.

Program Goal:

To offer the tools and resources to help leaders transition from volunteering to employment.

Program Design and Format:

The University of Notre Dame designed the weeklong certification program to be held on the Notre Dame campus. This year’s program topics include the following:

  • Building a personal brand that effectively establishes and develops a professional career, including networking, resume development, job search methods, interview preparation, offer analysis, and career planning
  • Developing positive visual appearance strategies in the areas of professional presence, business etiquette, and personal branding
  • Establishing a career plan from college to retirement
  •  Transferring skills from volunteer to salaried positions
  • Learning to leverage personal strengths in leadership positions
  • Discovering a process of innovation that works in virtually any work situation
  • Creating a lifelong financial plan that includes savings and investment strategies as well as well as charitable giving


With the positive feedback that accompanied the first Leaders in Transition Certificate Program in 2008, Notre Dame is offering a second session sponsored by Notre Dame Nonprofit Professional Development, in collaboration with the Center for Social Concerns, the Alumni Association, and the Career Center.