Nonprofit Executive Education

St. Joseph County Business Excellence Program

st joseph county business landing In Partnership with The Community Foundation of St. Joseph County, IN


Nonprofit leaders face tough questions in their daily work and an ever-changing nonprofit environment.

Program Goal: 

To help leaders improve their strategic and managerial business skills in order to meet the demands of a changing nonprofit sector.

Program Design and Format:

The University of Notre Dame and The Community Foundation of St. Joseph County have extended their commitment to excellence in nonprofit leadership by offering the inaugural Certification Program for Nonprofit Executive Leadership to organizations in Saint Joseph County. The program, which features 16 experts from the University of Notre Dame and across the country, involves four 2 ½ day sessions covering topics such as the following:

  • Enhancing leadership skills
  • Exploring legal areas that affect nonprofit employment relationships, including contract law, tax law, anti-discrimination law, the Family Medical Leave Act, and the Fair Labors Standards Act (regulating overtime pay)
  • Identifying risk management areas; preparing a preliminary risk management plan
  • Examining ethical dilemmas
  • Designing an effective succession plan for your organization
  • Reviewing accountancy and financial statements, including contribution margin analysis, outsourcing, special project acceptance; discussing emerging issues in accountancy; and creating and evaluating budgets
  • Improving your negotiating skills
  • Preparing for program evaluation
  • Tapping the potential of innovation in your workplace


A four-session schedule was used because nonprofit leaders could not afford to be away from their organizations for an entire week. The program was successful and is now being used as a model for other organizations as well.